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We have interesting ideas for putting the data together in a convincing format.


For Contractor “Private Law – Time and Delay Reports”:
We offer independent expert analysis of time and delay.


Contractor in Court: “Joining the Dispute Team”:
In Court or Arbitration, the Contractor’s site team. We join the site team and turn it into a dispute team.
Sometime we take informal leadership of the Contractor’s internal team.


Disruption Quantification
Disruption is hard to prove, its not impossible. The key is to link everything; budget; estimate; plant; progress data with each reinforcing the other. Here we often suggest improvement to data gathering techniques to make claims better substantiated.

We have our own proprietry solutions to Cost/Planning in near dispute situations. This is the PN-Chain@ solution. This is a turnaround solution based on critical resources and float monitoring. It is used in real time when the parties are close to disagreement and there are accusations of non-performance.

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