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Engineering Fact Filtering Reports

Massive Disputes with Factual Complexity: On large disputes running over many years, it is often hard to identify the driving events and circumstances which are central to the dispute. We provide summary of key facts and events to allow speed of entry to the issues.

Forensic Analysis

We use AACE standard methodologies: The selection of the particular additive methods (as planned impacted or similar) or subtractive modelling (collapsed as built or variants) or frequency of time-slices is generally driven by the quality of the source data.

4D Time and delay Modelling

This is normally the process of developing a simplified visual model of the critical path for the purposes of Court presentation to help with the communication of key driving delay issues on the critical path. Sometimes this is associated with forensic analysis of the actual site programmes for validation of the data purposes.

Getting a Result for All

In Poland the Courts are usually referring complex construction matters to the expert witnesses for an opinion. This frequently becomes the basis for the judgement of the Court. If the parties want to agree then the aim should be to achieve in a matter of months, what the Courts achieve in a matter of years. We suggest START WITH THE EXPERT OPINION to identify which events really matter and what are the realistic ranges of possible outcomes from dispute.

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