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Ian Meers

Ranger Finder Reports

We provide a joint report for both parties as a “range finder” service. The purpose is to identify the key drivers for both parties, and to simplify the factual dispute. We also suggest a range of possible negotiated outcomes which gives the parties some frame-work for further discussions: As a general rule:

  • Our range finder reports are generally admissible for both parties in Court or Arbitration in the event of dispute. This encourages settlement.
  • The key heads of disagreement are identified with a view to focusing the disagreement on the points which really matter.
  • Legal areas: We point out the financial / value implications of various legal outcomes as a point of reference for agreement.

Umpiring Services

  • We provide umpiring services for final negotiations based on “Range finder Reports” with a view to agreeing joint protocols which can be the basis for Court Confirmed settlements.
  • When required we provide recognised trained arbiters and SIDIR experts to perform dispute resolution services but we keep the procedure similar to a DAB consultation procedure.
Krzysztof Woźnicki
Andrzej Michałowski


If the parties want to agree, then we provide the support of professionals that understand the detail and can deal with the multi-disciplinary environment. The CV’s of our experts are available on request. We can act as single arbiter; or DAB or provide a team of three persons if required. We prefer to be appointed by both parties, and to be involved at the site level over the duration of the project.

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